Monday, January 7, 2008

Pandora Music

Pandora Music
(“All gifted” in Greek)
I currently discovered a website that allows you to find you're favorite bands or songs and listen to them for free. No download needed! This new website only had one mission and that is to find and play your favorite music. This website was fist started in 2000. When you log onto the website a window on the site pops up and you are able to search for any genre of music and any length of the song. You can search for Pop, Rock, RnB, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Oldies, Holiday Classics, and much much more! People are lately trying to illegally download songs off of illegal websites, but if the world just knew about this website and how your able to listen to any song for free they wouldn't need illegal website usage as much.

When you enter in your favorite bands or favorite singers, Pandora comes up with a “station” of that music and other bands or singers from the same genre. This comes in handy to find out about more bands that produce the same type of music you like. When Pandora comes up with the station you ask for there is about 7-8 songs on that station. You are able to add 5-6 stations at a time. You are also able to create a profile, of your own and save certain band/singer names. You are aloud to create a profile if you are 13 and older.

I hope that after you readers read my blog, you visit this site and become more familiar with!