Monday, January 7, 2008

Hardware Review

This awesome tech toy is a motherboard for when I build my computer.
This product is a motherboard from an enthusiastic manufacturer called ASRock. The board is full of features and utilizes a single Nvidia Chip set.

The Ge Force 6100/ N force 430 provides a lot of features like 4 Sata Ports, 4 DDR2 memory slots, a PCI-e x16 slot for video cards, and socket AM2 for AMD's Athlon 64/64X2/ Sempron processors. It also, with a Bios update will be compatible with AMD's newest quad core Phenom processors.

The board is a Micro Atx form factor board. The package includes IDE, floppy, and SATA cables, a Serial/Com bracket, driver CD, and manuals. The board is compatible with Windows right off the bat.

The boards packaging is wonderful and the board is a nice color, it is clearly labeled, and the manual is detailed for all languages. The cables are firm and bendable, and it will be easy to set up. The cables are long, but the ATX power connector is in an odd place (right above the PCI-e x16 slot.) The board also has 1 PCI-e 1x slot, 2 PCI and one HDMR modem slot for dial-up. The company is somewhat new, and I hope my board will work correctly. Note: This product costs different at different stores, which is the only way to get it.