Monday, January 7, 2008

Fly Fusion Pens!

Fly Fusion Pentop Computers
I LOVE SANTA! He gave me just what i asked for... a fly fusion pen! My family's computer didn't have Windows XP but this is what i know about it:
Fly fusion pens (The computer tutors!) are able to take anything you write and understand it. These pens are able to have upgrades (sold separately) like Spanish, French, Music Studio, Fast comp math, Algebra, multiplication and division, journal, writing and even games including Pirates of the Caribbean, Harry Potter and more!
Just by buying the actual pen you get an instillation cord and CD, and a notebook (you have to have special notebooks so that the pen can read what you say. Each notebook comes with helpful tools, including a calculator, MP3 player, Music Studio, games and more!). So as long as your computer has Windows XP your ready yo go!
If you still want know more go to you can go to accessories and actually buy items like blue, green, or red ink, notebooks, a case and memory expansions for your pen! I believe that people should buy fly fusion pens because they make learning and even homework fun and easy!
Please note: this product cannot run without Windows XP, and this product costs $79.99!

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St. Albans Student News Team said...

I have one its reaaly kool !!!