Thursday, November 29, 2007

Teacher Of the Year

Mrs. McDonald is a great teacher she has been teaching about 30 years. She is the teacher of the year. She teaches at St. Albans city school. She teaches 1st grade and loves to work here.
She was selected teacher of the year about 2 months ago. Mrs. Lawyer (a 1 grade teacher) said, “I’m trilled that she got the teacher of the year because she is one of the finest teachers in the school and loves children”. When I asked her another question she said to me nicely, “ Probably because she is dedicated to her students and providing them with a wonderful education”.
When I interviewed Mrs. McDonald she said the most wonderful thing about her students, “I believe in my students and dedicate my time, enjoy and knowledge to them. I enjoy watching them learn.”
When she was selected the teacher of the year, her son, Wade, was proud and her daughter ,Marleigh, was excited and all of the students are glad of her.

Art at city school

At city school lots of kids have art that dose not get seen by others out side of the school and so
in this slide show is art that ether has been done in 200-2007 or Even before that so have a look
to see if you like it. i am a new student to this school and i think that this art is amassing and also think that the art is so interesting

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Introducing the new 7/8 news team at St. Albans city school
We are the 7/8 learning lab with Mrs.DeLaBruere. We made a blog online that tells you information about our school. We work together at learning lab time at St. Albans City School. We have been working on this project for several months. We did this because we wanted people to know what is happening in our school. We did this project on a program called blogger and everybody got assigned a job. Our job was to go to different classrooms and get information about that class and write a story about that class.
We are ending up our class and we hope you will like the next class. Have fun.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Computer help suggestions

For a while now i have been noticing that our school computers have been running a little slow, i have investigated the problem and found out that School anti virus programs have been taking up way to much memory in the system networks. They make the computers slower and sometimes will mess up the connection between computers and the server.

Since only the computer network administrator in your building can permanently delete the program you should talk to the network keepers on fixing this problem. Tell them to install a low costing anti virus program called avg;Avg is free for singular unit and low costing for a whole business, it has a 50 % discount for schools as well, it will protect your computer and deleting the anti virus program in the computers that take up the most memory will make them run faster.

The rtvscan that is in all 2000 and below windows computers will take up 50 % of the computer hard frame, in result it will run much slower. Even somtimes it can spike up to 100% witch will interupt connection and may make the computer freeze for a few seconds... this can be a real hastle for anyone trying to run diffrent programs or files.


Friday, November 9, 2007

The Fifth Grade is taking Recycling to a whole new level!

Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Pallase's team is working on a plan to recycle better at St. Albans City School. Mrs. Rouleau fro BFA and a senior named Ronnie Smith will be assisting this organisation. They are named the Diamond Team, and every Friday they have a class called Tribal Games. During this time they learn tribal games and traditions, because native tribes have always honored the earth and all aspects of nature. This community of students voted to take an active role in taking care of our planet. The first steps are small ones. They will collect paper and
plastics from the upstairs rooms once a week. They wish to thank, in advance, everyone who helps them make this a reality.
They are planning on Having Lots of Fun!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Mrs. Walsh And Her First Grade Class

Mrs. Walsh
is having tons of fun so far with her first grade class.
They cooked applesauce with their book buddies in Practical Art.
During gym class they went to bowling.
The parent conferences went well for Mrs. Walsh. Most of the parents came.
The class is reading about animals like dogs, cats, and frogs, ECT.The class loves playing games together.


~Cat Woman

Trip to Mrs. Williams Kindergarten class

Lets take a trip downstairs to a special class who is taught by a teacher that has been working for about 20 years. Her name is Mrs. Williams. She teaches 18 wonderful kindergarten students. She has a class pet named Daisy-Mae. Daisy-Mae loves vegetables.

Mrs. Williams LOVES RED SOX. She has 3 grandchildren. 2 live in a different country.
She had parent teacher conferences. Most of the people came. Right now they are working on the five senses. They are going to go on a field trip to Hannaford’s and Houdaks farm place.
She also has a student teacher and her name is Miss Stephenie. Miss Stephenie is in the last semester of school graduating from UVM College. She has a dog named turtle.

Thank you for coming on this virtual trip with me hope to see you again soon!

-Cool Cat

Monday, November 5, 2007

Halloween express

The Halloween express, held Halloween day, is a message-sending program that people could buy beads and other items and send them to their friends. A lot of people bought the items raising money for the school.