Thursday, January 10, 2008

Old Computers!

Where are old Computers going?
At our school, as computers are retired they go to graveyard 2 which is computers that work but are old. Graveyard 1 is computers that are dead, and their parts can be used by computers that break. Once in graveyard 2 these computers are taken and Windows is wiped off of the hard drive and an Open Source operating system called Linux is installed. The flavor of Linux that is installed is Xubuntu, a version of Ubuntu for slower machines. Some of the computers have as low as a 566MHz processor and 64MB of memory, and 10 GB or less hard drives. These computers can then be distributed to other people and you can use 1 disc to install to as many computers you want, for example, I could take a single CD and install on 9 million computers. After these computers have Linux, you can give the computer to others, the school wants to give these to needy and lower- income families, also the computers, unlike windows, are completely ready to use with Open Office, an office suite, and many multimedia and graphics programs. Windows, might come with Paint, Notepad, and Windows Media Player. Ubuntu has said they compress up to 2 GB of programs onto a 700MB CD. That is a compression of up to 1.3 GB or 1300 MB.

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