Tuesday, May 13, 2008

New Faculty

New faculty

We will be getting new faculty here at city school. Our principal Mrs. Riggs and our assistant principal Mrs. Colomb will be leaving our school. Mrs. Colomb will be replaced by Marcie Louis will be taking her place. Marcie Louis was principal at a school in North Carolina. Mrs. Colomb has been a principal here for 15 years. She says it will be hard to leave city school. The things she likes about were she will be going is that its closer to her home and she will get to be a principal. The assistant principal we will be getting is a lot like Mrs. Colomb. She doesn’t think it will disrupt the school.

Mrs. Riggs will also be leaving our school. At this point we are unaware of who our new principal will be. Mrs. Riggs said that she would miss the kids here. She said that her greatest accomplishment is: “probably working on reading and getting our younger kids a better start. Also the way kids have taken leadership and have become leaders, and the technology. I believe they will learn what we need to know.” If she were not leaving she would have made learning more rigorous. So that the kids are more challenged. Well good luck, we hope their new jobs go well.



The St. Albans City School Raiders softball team is ready to start the new season and the girls are ready to WIN!!!
There very first game was in Sheldon, the girls played an amazing game but they lost. The team was discouraged but there couches Shannon Lamothe and Katie told the girls how proud they were and it was only the first game of the season, there are many more games to come.
They lost the game in Swanton against MVU the pitcher was amazing Sonja through several strikes in the first inning every one on the team screamed when she struck a player out! The catcher Alexandra did a great job. Katie cot pop flies in the bottom of the fifth.
The Raiders Softball players have a game in Georgia, May 6. The girls are really hoping that they win today! The pitcher will be Sonja and possibly Macey Robtoy.

May 7th, The Raiders softball team lost 23-0. It was a horrible loss but the girl’s plaid well.

On May 8 the softball team lost to Fairfield and but the score was close.

On May 9th the softball team lost 7-13 Against MVU. A few players were injured and will be out of the games for a while, but they will still be at every game cheering on their team!
May 12, the softball team has their 1st home game at the local park. They will be playing against MVU.

Raiders Idol

Katie White and Monique Johnson

Raider's Idol is back again! Raider's Idol is a talent show where students from St. Albans City School can show off their stuff.
This event will be held on May 30th, at 7:00 pm. This is the only time the show will be held. The first (mandatory) practice is on May 5th, after school until 4:15. Other practices will be held throughout the month of May.
The rules are as follows:
l You must be in St. Albans City School.
l Must attend some practices to be in the show.
l Act must be 3 minutes or less.
l If singing there must be no background vocals.
l You must have your act approved on the first practice.

Even if you do not want to have an act, this can be very fun and you can still play a part! You can work the lights, or even just make posters and cheer on your friends!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Computer Applications Study Group

At BFA, you are required to have taken a class called Computer Applications in order to graduate. Ms. deLaBruere is offering some of her time to help students study for a typing test that BFA is offering. The group meets every Wednesday during Learning Lab. The test is for students that feel that they already know how to do the things that they do in the Computer Apps class. If you pass the test, you will not have to take part in Computer Applications at BFA. They will automatically record that you have taken the class. It is a great opportunity because if you pass the test, you have a free period! You can take an extra class! If you would like to take part in this study group, please contact Ms. deLaBruere. She will also be able to tell you when the test is.


We think that there should be better or different types of food on our lunch's menu. Instead of a set meal, we could have pancakes, waffles, or pizza. So we would have an alternative meal. For example, if I didn’t like the pizza I could have the pancakes and waffles. Even though there are already 2 different lines, they're normally the same thing. Like, if we have tacos in 1 line, in the other line we'd have nachos.

8th grade end of the year activities

End of the year 8th grade activities

Graduation for 8th graders will be held on the 17th of June. It is at 6:00 PM at St. Albans City School, (SACS). We are celebrating our years at City school. Students will be saying speeches, which they wrote. There will be food for the graduates, and probably a bake sale. The seventh grade band will be playing at the graduation. It will be a day of mixed emotions.
The Eighth graders are going on a trip on June 15. We are going to smugglers notch Water Park. There are rules students have to follow, or they wont be allowed to take part on the field trip. Students can't have any SSC referrals and have any missed work. Eighth graders need to be on their best behavior to partake on the field trip.
There will be an end of the year carnival. The eighth graders will be accompanying a kindergartener for the day. The city school carnival is basically a field day. There will be a lot of games, crafts a cook out/barbeque to wrap up the day.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


WE played Can you tell if you’re old. It was a very easy peasy game. It had 5 pictures. It would also give you the answer to all of them. It was sooo fun L We also played the coffee quiz. It was hard and boring. All you did was answer questions. The parachute, and airplane game didn’t work. It stunk too. L We also played beat the heat that didn’t work either. (Mad Face.) I hope you love the games.Love Flacogal13

Monday, April 7, 2008

At FOSSVT... April 4th

This Friday I went to the Free and Open Source Software Vermont Conference carrying the name "Student Ambassadors For(Free) Open Source". I was ready to give my presentation once 10:45 came. I had prepared my presentation for about two weeks, and I had presented in front of two different groups. I had also sat down and discussed the presentation with my teacher. Our presentation went great, the audience was great, they really pushed it along, and we met a lot of people. One of the people in the organizational committee would like us to podcast for the national conference, but we should probably see how good our audio comes out from the latest one (Recorded with $10 microphones).
I learned a lot about people, and quite a bit about myself. I can easily present things to people. Afterwards, we received so many "Good Job" s and a lot of hand shakes. It was just an overall awesome presentation. Maybe we could integrate some great ideas learned at the conference into the school we go to. This will be interesting. I have some good ideas. Maybe a web server. Maybe some LTSP Edubuntu set ups. This will be very interesting.

Learning to Type

I think the Type Faster Typing Tutor is a really good website.You can learn to type. They have courses for people who speak spanish, english and for blind people. This would be good for all ages especially for starters. I would give it a 5/5 I see nothing wrong with this site.

I think the typing test is a bad website. We are looking for websites to help you learn how to type faster. This site is only telling you how fast you type. So out of 5 I would give it a 1 it doesn't help students or adults how to type just how good they are at it. So if you're really good and you like to feel good then you should go to that site.

I think that Tux Typing is a really good site for little kids. This has the basic steps to becoming a good typer. Also it has a little penguin so it has to be good. Just kidding. But it does have some really good stuff for kids. It has games and such to help you become a better typer. I would give this a 4/5. Since it is for younger kids not all starters are kids some are adults or teens/ preteens.

I think that the All bunny's typing class is a good site for kids. Every child should know about the tortoise and the hare. Well now kids can live it. If they do good then their character does good. I used to have something like this and I loved it. I'm sure your child ( if you have one) will too. I would give it a 4/5

I think that Flash Typing is a very bad game for a young child. It has the typer be a space ship and it has to vaporise other ships. I don't know about you but I wouldn't want a 3 year old getting ideas. I would give it a 2/5

I think that Dance Mat is an awesome site. It is for kids 7-11 years old. You start out with 4 stages. When you go up in each stage you learn more letters. At first you learn the home keys. Then you learn RTGY stuff like that. I give it a 5/5

I think that free Yping Game is a good site. It teaches you the letters in an easy lesson then tests you on what you learned. It also includes games. I would give it a 5/5

I think keyboarding Ideas and tecniques isn't a good site. It teaches teachers how to teach students how to type. I know if I was trying to learn how to type and I came across this I would be really upset if it was the only site online. It wouldn't help at all. I would give it a 1/5

I think keyboarding practice is a bad site. This is what it does. When you type in a letter the matching letter on the board lights up. It is a real bummer. I would give it a 1/5

I don't think keyboarding lesson is that great either. It is more like a test than anything.

I think that learn 2 type is a good website. It is for both begginners and experts. It would be good for adults and young kids. Not todlars but for 6,7 year old kids.

Wow now I know my abc's. The abc's typing games is waay to easy. It would be for real begginners. It wouldn't be for kids and it wouldn't be for adults. I give it a 0/5

Typer spider is a really good site. It is a little childish but it has good levels. It has easy, medium, and hard. Yes it has baby graphics but hey we don't need graphics so it is fine. It is good for all ages. 5/5

It says on this site that it is an online game. That costs money. So For our school I wouldn't get it because we probably couldn't afford it for every computer.

Typing Tutor was a great website. It had easy keys but the speed could be increased for someone who is really fast. This has a 4/5

Friday, April 4, 2008

Learning how to type

So far I have made 3 write ups in my blog. This is my 4th. What I am doing is rating 3 programs that teach you how to type.

Type Faster Typing Tutor: I would give this on a scale of 1-4 a 4. It has a lot of programs. It has a typing one for normal people, one for blind people, and one for spanish speaking people.

Typing Test I would give it a 2. It is only a test to see how fast you type now. It doesn't give you a way to advance in your level of typing.

Tux Typing this is a good program. It is more for kids. It has games. It's mascot is als0 a cute little penguin, So I would give it a 3.

I hope this will help you when buying a typing program
Love Flacogal13


Hi I'm Flacogal13,
I love basketball and running. I have good grades in school and love the auther Erin Hunter. She has such a way of writing. I am in 7th grade and have 1 really good friend. She has been since I was little. Well tha'ts all I'm telling you guys Hope you like the blog.
Love Flacogal13

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Discover Engineering

Our country needs to more engineers, but many students don't understand what engineering is or if they would be any good at this type of career. The site (Discover Engineering ) http://discoverengineering.org/ has lots of information about engineering including some Videos and some GAMES under the Cool Stuff section.

We will be trying some of these games this week and letting you know what we think. Please feel free to try some and give us your opinion.

Keyboarding Sites

Many students at our school are working on their keyboarding skills. Learning to type without looking takes lots of practice and their are many programs and websites that can help you do that. We will be adding our opinions or reviews of these products in the comment sections of this post. Feel free to add yours.

We will be reviewing the following programs:

Type Fasterhttp://www.typefastertypingtutor.com/

Type Masterhttp://typingtest.com/

Tux Typehttp://tuxtype.sourceforge.net/

and the following websites

Al Bunny's Typing Class
Type the letters and see if the bunny can beat the turtle; free download
Computer Circus
Choose the keys you want to practice
Flash Typing
Attempt to vaporize asteroids (letters) before they hit your space ship; free download
Dance Mat Typing
From BBC; learn and practice keyboarding
Free Typing Games
Lessons and tests
Keyboarding Lessons and Ideas
Information about teaching keyboarding, technique checklist, resourcesClick Introduction to Keyboarding for Elementary School Students for step-by-step lessons.
Keyboarding Practice
Type a letter on the keyboard and watch it light up on the screen
Keyboarding Practice
Basic practice exercises; home row and more
Learn 2 Type
Interactive exercises which help you learn to type
Typer Shark
Typing games; play online or download
Typing ABCs
Practice typing the letters of the alphabet
Typer Spider
Practice typing from letters to words
Typing Pal Online
Online typing practice and exercises site; In "Practice," the game will not let you move on until you type each letter correctly
Typing Tutor
Online game; practice using the home row keys; speed is adjustable

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Drama Club Production

On Thursday, March 27, 2008, the Drama Club will be performing a production of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory in front of the whole school! It will start at 9:00. Be prepared to be blown away!



Hi I'm Flacogal13,
I am a 7th grader at St. Albans City School. I have started writing blogs to inform the student body about 1 stuff happening in school and 2 a cool electronic device. I love basketball, cross country and hanging out with my friends. Hope you love the blogs.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Alpha smart




Raider's News

Raiders Idol

It has been heard that this year St.Albans city school will he holding Raiders Idol! This is a time where people who usually sit quietly in a corner can come out and shine. We had a Raiders Idol two years ago and it was a success. We are hoping many other students will join in this great event. I don't have the date yet but I'll write as soon as get the information hope you come and watch.

The school has raiders idol for fun. It is fun for kids to sing so being able to do it in school is awesome

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Verizon Samsung

March 18, 2008
Learning Lab

My phone is a Samsung. A lot of cool things about it are that you can insert a memory card to hold more songs, pictures etc. It is slim short and almost has no weight to it. Some of the tools on it are calculator, calendar, notepad etc. It also has a built in voice command thing. You could say, “Go to my songs.” And it would go right to your songs.

Ipod Video

Pros- you can listen to music, watch videos, and look at pictures. It fits in your pocket. You can also get it in black or white. You can choose form a 80 GB or a 160 GB.
Cons- sometimes when you want music videos of pictures form another computer itunes deletes everything that you already have on it.


The Neo is a very small computer. There are many good things about it and some irritating things. So here they are…

It is good for kids to have instead of Microsoft word. They can bring it anywhere and type an essay etc and then the next day hook it up and press print.
It has a calculator for math.
At night teachers could type the in the assignment for the students to do.
It’s not dangerous. Students couldn’t use it in the wrong way.
Easy to carry (not heavy)
Runs on batteries
It has a thing called the beamer, which can send messages from one NEO to another NEO within 3 feet.
It has a thing called the beamer, which can send messages from one NEO to another NEO within 3 feet. (Good for sending to a teacher)
Teachers can create a quiz

If you hold the backspace /it won’t delete them all. You have to click it over and over until it’s gone.
It can only hold up to 8 files
Doesn’t have internet
Runs on batteries
It has a thing called the beamer, which can send messages from one NEO to another NEO within 3 feet. (Not good for sending harassing messages.
the picture at the top is a NEO it was found at this site... http://images.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http://vancefry.com/wp-content/uploads/alphasmart-neo-3.jpg&imgrefurl=http://vancefry.com/projects/red-neo/&h=351&w=555&sz=78&hl=en&start=21&um=1&tbnid=5CNJtexqZQ4l8M:&tbnh=84&tbnw=133&prev=/images%3Fq%3DNEO.%26start%3D20%26ndsp%3D20%26um%3D1%26hl%3Den%26sa%3DN

You cannot go online with a NEO and I have not yet found out the price for one when I do I will inform you.

MP3 Player


This is a RCA Pearl MP3 player with 1GB Flash memory. It includes an LCD screen with 7 backlights, and takes 1 AAA battery for 7-15 hours of music. It can hold over 100songs, and voice recordings with a built in microphone. This device can be plugged into a computer’s USB port directly, or with an extension cable to download and upload songs onto it. The backlight shows what’s playing along with other information, and comes on when a button is pushed. The price is of this MP3 is $34.88. This isn’t too bad for how good it works! It is small, space saving, and easy to use.
I really like this MP3 Player!! It is easy to use and can store a lot of songs. I’ve had it for a few months now, and I’m still happy with it. If I had to buy another,(which I did because I lost it) I would!

Silver iPod Nano 2GB


Price: About $150.00
With an “iPod” you can download/buy songs. But you can also download speeches. But with a Nano your can get pictures. You could take a pick and put it on the computer and then put the pick on to your “iPod”.



I have the original zune 30. It works really well. I like that it has a radio, so if I don’t feel like listening to my songs I can listen to the radio. I like how you can store pictures on the zune. I like the big screen of the zune. It’s cool that you can connect to other zunes and share songs.
What I don’t like about the zune 30 is that I don’t know if you can download videos from you tube. Sometimes when you are trying to scroll down a list it sticks. It gets scratched if you drop it.

I have the newer zune. It works well. The newer zune has many of the same qualities that the original older version has. You are able to download music, listen to the radio, they have pod casts, and you can download pictures. On the new zune you can also down load music videos. I like the radio on the zune so I can listen to other songs besides the ones that I had already. What I don’t like about my zune is that it comes with songs on it and they are in a different language. I also don’t like that when you download a song you can’t delete it.

The i-Pod Touch

Picture URL: http://store.apple.com/1-800-MY-APPLE/WebObjects/AppleStore.woa/wa/RSLID?nnmm=browse&mco=MTE3MzE&node=home/shop_ipod/family/ipod_touch

This is the i-Pod Touch. It is an awesome electronic device. On the i-Pod Touch, you can listen to music (duh!), watch movies, look at some of your favorite pics, and even go on the Internet! The only issue for some people is price range. For the 8 GB, it costs $299.00. For the 16 GB, it costs $399.00. Last but not least, for the 32 GB, $499.00. Even though it may take some moolah out of your pocket, it is simply the best! The pro of this device is the awesome features, and the con of this device is basically, the price. I suggest you stop looking at this computer screen, drooling, and get out to your nearest electronics store and buy one!

I think that the i-Pod Touch has a lot of educational value to it. Not only do you learn how to use it, but you can also fetch information – for say, a project, or something like that – on the Internet. You could also watch educational videos, or listen to music while you work. That is how I think the i-Pod Touch has educational value.

Posted by Vanity Jakes and Yo'Mo

First Look at the XO

With a first glance at the XO laptop, it looks like a kids toy, it is not just that. It is a powerful learning tool.

The product is nicely made and durable. The battery life is quite good, and it also recharges quickly. The wi-fi strength is also good due to external antennae.

This product is durable, and basically a full fledged laptop. Without Windows, it reduces the price, bringing it down to about $200.

Friday, March 7, 2008

EEEPC Demonstration

Mr. Lyndes demonstrates the eeepc to students at St. Albans City School.
The student's tech background helped them evaluate the pros and cons of this small laptop.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Drama Cast Update

Well, as you know my last update gave you the cast list. Now i'm here to report that the cast has been changed.

Elizabeth assigned to the role of Mrs.Gloop has decided not to Drama. So Michelle has moved up and taken on that role. What about Grandma Josephina, you ask? Megan will be playing that character and then going on to play her original role of an oompa-loompa. I'll be updating throughout our process of putting together this play.


Friday, January 18, 2008

A personal opinion on OEM

OEM (Original Equipments Manufacturer) is a way to distribute products without accesories. Often these are cheaper ways to get something you want. For example, I purchased an OEM 160 GB Sata II Hard Drive from a site called Newegg.com for $49.99. Sadly, I could not find the retail, but this shows that OEM's are usually cheaper. Be warned though, normally OEM's do not come with cables or manuals.

Overall, I find OEM to be a great way to get stuff, it is cheaper, and works better for people have an understanding of the basic computer structure.

Drama 2008

Hey There,
GlossGirl38 reporting on Drama Club's progress. We are now having practices about three days a week for two hours each practice. We plan to have our School Show on March 27, and our Public Performance the next night. Our play, as you may know is Willy Wonka: The Musical. This year we have dedicated actors, excellent sets, courtesy of Set Design, and, as always, the best directors! We won't make much other progress worth repoting on until we get into the gym to start on stage, so until then see ya.

Picture URL



7 and 8 b-ball is a very cool thing. 7th grade boys are 2-1 so far this season. 8th grade boys are 4-0 so far . 8th grade girls are 3-1 also. 7th grade girls are 2-1.

Monday, January 14, 2008

First Grader Story Mapping Project

The First Graders in Ms. Morton's and Ms. Fickens class are learning to write narratives using a Story Mapping Program from Read Write Think.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Drama Cast

Willy Wonka/Candy Man - Jake
Charlie Bucket - Rachelle
Mrs. Bucket - Tracy
Mr. Bucket - Marie
Grandma Josephina - Michelle
Grandma Georgina - Matilda
Gramdpa George - Blake
Grampa Joe - Hannah
James - Brooke
Matilda - Cora
Phineous Trout - Joann
Augustus Gloop - Emily
Mrs. Gloop - Elizabeth
Veruca Salt - Lauren
Mr. Salt - Nicole
Violet Beauregarde - Alexis
Mrs. Beauregarde - Mary Jane
Mike Teavee - Erik
Ms. Teavee - Amy
8. Adrienne
Candy Man Kids:
Sophie - Amber
Danny - George
Alfie - Caleb
Billie - Michaela
Sue - Anne
Doris - Emily


7 and 8 b-ball is a very cool thing. 7th grade boys are 2-1 so fair this season. 8th grade boys are 2-0. 8th grade girls are 2-0 also. Sadly 7th grade girls are 1-2.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

7&8 b-ball

7 and 8 b-ball is a very cool thing. 7th&8th grade boys are 2-0 so fare this season. 8th grade girls are 2-0 also. Sadly 7th grade girls are 1-1

Drama 2008

Drama is here once again, and this year the play we will be presenting to you is Willy Wonka The Musical. We are currently in the audition stage. The auditions are from 3:15 – 4:00 on Tuesday the 8th and Thursday the 10th. The play will be in March. Some of the main roles: Willy Wonka, Charlie, Grandpa Joe, Veruca Salt, Mr. Salt, Augustus Gloop, Mrs. Gloop, Mike Teavee, and Mrs. Teavee.

Old Computers!

Where are old Computers going?
At our school, as computers are retired they go to graveyard 2 which is computers that work but are old. Graveyard 1 is computers that are dead, and their parts can be used by computers that break. Once in graveyard 2 these computers are taken and Windows is wiped off of the hard drive and an Open Source operating system called Linux is installed. The flavor of Linux that is installed is Xubuntu, a version of Ubuntu for slower machines. Some of the computers have as low as a 566MHz processor and 64MB of memory, and 10 GB or less hard drives. These computers can then be distributed to other people and you can use 1 disc to install to as many computers you want, for example, I could take a single CD and install on 9 million computers. After these computers have Linux, you can give the computer to others, the school wants to give these to needy and lower- income families, also the computers, unlike windows, are completely ready to use with Open Office, an office suite, and many multimedia and graphics programs. Windows, might come with Paint, Notepad, and Windows Media Player. Ubuntu has said they compress up to 2 GB of programs onto a 700MB CD. That is a compression of up to 1.3 GB or 1300 MB.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Sony Ericsson W300i

The Sony Ericsson W300i

This phone is a very cool phone with excellent features. Its has a built in MP3 player, camera, video recorder, voice recorder, games, and many other programs for entertainment. They used to come in two different colors, white, and black. You can listen to the radio and store certain radio stations on it.
The old ones used to be around 250 mega bytes for phone memory, but it is now around 500 mega bytes. This phone is cool, but be careful if you get one, because they can be very fragile. That is about the only downfall of this phone.


xbox 360

Xbox 360, the new gaming system from Microsoft is full of new fetchers. Xbox live, music, games, and pictures. These are all things you can do with xbox 360. The graphics are amazing and it has an HG TV option.
Xbox 360 has a ton of only on xobx 360 games. The games are great my fav is rock band. In rock band you can play guitar or drums or even sing. There are gun games, car games, music games and a lot more.

Lg 9400

Lg 9400

I think the Lg 9400 is a very good phone for a teenager. It flips up like a capital T. It is music compatible. It has all the features of most phones but more. You check your email, you can watch TV. It is v cast compatible. You can also go onto the Internet. It has 1.3-mega pixel camera that you can take pictures and videos with.



Ipods are very cool things. The new ipods and old ipods are very different. For example more fetchers, space, and new colors. You can go to:http://www.apple.com/itunes/
photo from:

Monday, January 7, 2008

Fly Fusion Pens!

Fly Fusion Pentop Computers
I LOVE SANTA! He gave me just what i asked for... a fly fusion pen! My family's computer didn't have Windows XP but this is what i know about it:
Fly fusion pens (The computer tutors!) are able to take anything you write and understand it. These pens are able to have upgrades (sold separately) like Spanish, French, Music Studio, Fast comp math, Algebra, multiplication and division, journal, writing and even games including Pirates of the Caribbean, Harry Potter and more!
Just by buying the actual pen you get an instillation cord and CD, and a notebook (you have to have special notebooks so that the pen can read what you say. Each notebook comes with helpful tools, including a calculator, MP3 player, Music Studio, games and more!). So as long as your computer has Windows XP your ready yo go!
If you still want know more go to
http://www.flyworld.com/ you can go to accessories and actually buy items like blue, green, or red ink, notebooks, a case and memory expansions for your pen! I believe that people should buy fly fusion pens because they make learning and even homework fun and easy!
Please note: this product cannot run without Windows XP, and this product costs $79.99!

Hardware Review

This awesome tech toy is a motherboard for when I build my computer.
This product is a motherboard from an enthusiastic manufacturer called ASRock. The board is full of features and utilizes a single Nvidia Chip set.

The Ge Force 6100/ N force 430 provides a lot of features like 4 Sata Ports, 4 DDR2 memory slots, a PCI-e x16 slot for video cards, and socket AM2 for AMD's Athlon 64/64X2/ Sempron processors. It also, with a Bios update will be compatible with AMD's newest quad core Phenom processors.

The board is a Micro Atx form factor board. The package includes IDE, floppy, and SATA cables, a Serial/Com bracket, driver CD, and manuals. The board is compatible with Windows right off the bat.

The boards packaging is wonderful and the board is a nice color, it is clearly labeled, and the manual is detailed for all languages. The cables are firm and bendable, and it will be easy to set up. The cables are long, but the ATX power connector is in an odd place (right above the PCI-e x16 slot.) The board also has 1 PCI-e 1x slot, 2 PCI and one HDMR modem slot for dial-up. The company is somewhat new, and I hope my board will work correctly. Note: This product costs different at different stores, which is the only way to get it.


Pandora Music

Pandora Music
(“All gifted” in Greek)
I currently discovered a website that allows you to find you're favorite bands or songs and listen to them for free. No download needed! This new website only had one mission and that is to find and play your favorite music. This website was fist started in 2000. When you log onto the website a window on the site pops up and you are able to search for any genre of music and any length of the song. You can search for Pop, Rock, RnB, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Oldies, Holiday Classics, and much much more! People are lately trying to illegally download songs off of illegal websites, but if the world just knew about this website and how your able to listen to any song for free they wouldn't need illegal website usage as much.

When you enter in your favorite bands or favorite singers, Pandora comes up with a “station” of that music and other bands or singers from the same genre. This comes in handy to find out about more bands that produce the same type of music you like. When Pandora comes up with the station you ask for there is about 7-8 songs on that station. You are able to add 5-6 stations at a time. You are also able to create a profile, of your own and save certain band/singer names. You are aloud to create a profile if you are 13 and older.

I hope that after you readers read my blog, you visit this site and become more familiar with Pandora.com!


FreeRice 4 Fun

“What if just knowing what a word meant could help feed hungry people around the world? Well, at FreeRice it does... the totals have grown exponentially.”- The Washington Post

FreeRice is a new website that started on October 7, 2007. FreeRice is an non-profit organization with a mission: help end world hunger. “For each word you get right, we donate 20 grains of rice through the United Nations to help end world hunger,”-FreeRice.

As of January , 2008 FreeRice has donated a total of grains of rice.
And, even though it's only grains it still makes a huge difference.
“The rice is paid for by the advertisers whose names you see on the bottom of your vocabulary screen.” - FreeRice.

FreeRice, for its first seven weeks, donated 10 grains of rice for every word you got right, but they were able to increase the amount to 20 grains of rice on November 28, 2007 and they hope to increase again in the future. “Here is how we look at it: Your part is to play and donate the rice. Our part is to increase the amount you can donate!” - FreeRice.


Thursday, December 6, 2007

Introducing a new raiders reporters

This is Mr.cool i will be reporting on 5th grade.

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Introducing New Raiders Reporters

This is Linuxguy and I am a reporter for the second trimester at St. Albans City School. I am a reporter for the third grade, and I will also discuss topics about digital equity and the situation with technology and computers at St. Albans City School.

Introducing new Raiders reporters

This is Lea 333 and Im a producer for the second trimester at ST.Albans City School. I plan on bringing news to the 2nd grade about educational games.I will be looking ateducational games we can use in school.


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Introducing New Raiders Producers

I'm llamagirl, I'm a new producer for the Raider's news and I'll be telling you about Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grade for the second trimester. I will also tell you about music (7/8 (Sr.) Band).

introducing knew raiders reportors

This is Peter. I'm a new raider reporter. I will be reporting on. I'm reporting on our schools sports.

Introducing new raiders reporters

I am Basketball Queen And I will be talking about the 1st grade for the second trimester. I will also be talking about sports too.

Introducing New Raiders Reporters

This is GlossGirl38 and I'll be reporting to you about kindergarten for the 2nd trimester. I will also be giving you updates on our drama production and our 7/8 chorus.

introducing new raiders producers

Hi! This is good bread i am a producer in the second trimester. I'm in charge of grades 3,4,5 my reporters are Mr.cool 5Th grade, Linux guy 3Th grade, Dre hockey 11 4Th grade. i will take up any report not finished or not assigned.

introducing new raiders reporters

hi peeps,

i am drehockey11 a new reporter i am looking for fun educational games,
plus i am reporting new news about 4th grade.

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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Teacher Of the Year

Mrs. McDonald is a great teacher she has been teaching about 30 years. She is the teacher of the year. She teaches at St. Albans city school. She teaches 1st grade and loves to work here.
She was selected teacher of the year about 2 months ago. Mrs. Lawyer (a 1 grade teacher) said, “I’m trilled that she got the teacher of the year because she is one of the finest teachers in the school and loves children”. When I asked her another question she said to me nicely, “ Probably because she is dedicated to her students and providing them with a wonderful education”.
When I interviewed Mrs. McDonald she said the most wonderful thing about her students, “I believe in my students and dedicate my time, enjoy and knowledge to them. I enjoy watching them learn.”
When she was selected the teacher of the year, her son, Wade, was proud and her daughter ,Marleigh, was excited and all of the students are glad of her.

Art at city school

At city school lots of kids have art that dose not get seen by others out side of the school and so
in this slide show is art that ether has been done in 200-2007 or Even before that so have a look
to see if you like it. i am a new student to this school and i think that this art is amassing and also think that the art is so interesting

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Introducing the new 7/8 news team at St. Albans city school
We are the 7/8 learning lab with Mrs.DeLaBruere. We made a blog online that tells you information about our school. We work together at learning lab time at St. Albans City School. We have been working on this project for several months. We did this because we wanted people to know what is happening in our school. We did this project on a program called blogger and everybody got assigned a job. Our job was to go to different classrooms and get information about that class and write a story about that class.
We are ending up our class and we hope you will like the next class. Have fun.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Computer help suggestions

For a while now i have been noticing that our school computers have been running a little slow, i have investigated the problem and found out that School anti virus programs have been taking up way to much memory in the system networks. They make the computers slower and sometimes will mess up the connection between computers and the server.

Since only the computer network administrator in your building can permanently delete the program you should talk to the network keepers on fixing this problem. Tell them to install a low costing anti virus program called avg;Avg is free for singular unit and low costing for a whole business, it has a 50 % discount for schools as well, it will protect your computer and deleting the anti virus program in the computers that take up the most memory will make them run faster.

The rtvscan that is in all 2000 and below windows computers will take up 50 % of the computer hard frame, in result it will run much slower. Even somtimes it can spike up to 100% witch will interupt connection and may make the computer freeze for a few seconds... this can be a real hastle for anyone trying to run diffrent programs or files.


Friday, November 9, 2007

The Fifth Grade is taking Recycling to a whole new level!

Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Pallase's team is working on a plan to recycle better at St. Albans City School. Mrs. Rouleau fro BFA and a senior named Ronnie Smith will be assisting this organisation. They are named the Diamond Team, and every Friday they have a class called Tribal Games. During this time they learn tribal games and traditions, because native tribes have always honored the earth and all aspects of nature. This community of students voted to take an active role in taking care of our planet. The first steps are small ones. They will collect paper and
plastics from the upstairs rooms once a week. They wish to thank, in advance, everyone who helps them make this a reality.
They are planning on Having Lots of Fun!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Mrs. Walsh And Her First Grade Class

Mrs. Walsh
is having tons of fun so far with her first grade class.
They cooked applesauce with their book buddies in Practical Art.
During gym class they went to bowling.
The parent conferences went well for Mrs. Walsh. Most of the parents came.
The class is reading about animals like dogs, cats, and frogs, ECT.The class loves playing games together.


~Cat Woman

Trip to Mrs. Williams Kindergarten class

Lets take a trip downstairs to a special class who is taught by a teacher that has been working for about 20 years. Her name is Mrs. Williams. She teaches 18 wonderful kindergarten students. She has a class pet named Daisy-Mae. Daisy-Mae loves vegetables.

Mrs. Williams LOVES RED SOX. She has 3 grandchildren. 2 live in a different country.
She had parent teacher conferences. Most of the people came. Right now they are working on the five senses. They are going to go on a field trip to Hannaford’s and Houdaks farm place.
She also has a student teacher and her name is Miss Stephenie. Miss Stephenie is in the last semester of school graduating from UVM College. She has a dog named turtle.

Thank you for coming on this virtual trip with me hope to see you again soon!

-Cool Cat

Monday, November 5, 2007

Halloween express

The Halloween express, held Halloween day, is a message-sending program that people could buy beads and other items and send them to their friends. A lot of people bought the items raising money for the school.


Tuesday, October 30, 2007

steerlers football championships

Last Saturday the Steeler football team won the playoffs against South Burlington 12-0The Steelers are now advancing to the championship game for the third year in a row; the team will be playing Essex but the field to play on has not been announced as of right now.If they do win, it will be the first time for twenty years that the Steelers take the trophy

Penny War Extravaganza

Penny war it is finally here. Who is going to win is the BIG question that is going through everyones mind. For those of you who do not know what the penny war is about we had an assembly on 10-29-07 to find out about it. We are doing a penny war to raise money for a new playground. To do this, bring pennies in to earn points for your homeroom.

Postitive Points

Pennies= +1 points

Sacajawea dollar coins= +150 points

and to sabotage other homerooms you can make them have

Negative Points

$5.00 bill= -500 points

$1.00 bill= -100 points

quarters= -25 points

dimes= -10 points

nickels= -5 points

So bring in those pennies and let the best homeroom win!


Wednesday, October 24, 2007

8th grade social studies

The 8th grade social studies class is going fine…there is none or just a little homework. The movie we are watching now is called April morning, A story of the beginning of the American Revolution. There will be a unit test on these few coming days so the students have begun preparing.

Dude man

Monday, October 22, 2007

The Marine Band Assembly

The Marine Band Assembly

The marine band assembly was here last week. Again we thank them. They had a trio of clarinets. Many of them spoke of interesting things. We heard three different kinds of flutes and different trumpets sounds. So thank you for joining the assembly and we hope you enjoyed it.