Tuesday, May 13, 2008

New Faculty

New faculty

We will be getting new faculty here at city school. Our principal Mrs. Riggs and our assistant principal Mrs. Colomb will be leaving our school. Mrs. Colomb will be replaced by Marcie Louis will be taking her place. Marcie Louis was principal at a school in North Carolina. Mrs. Colomb has been a principal here for 15 years. She says it will be hard to leave city school. The things she likes about were she will be going is that its closer to her home and she will get to be a principal. The assistant principal we will be getting is a lot like Mrs. Colomb. She doesn’t think it will disrupt the school.

Mrs. Riggs will also be leaving our school. At this point we are unaware of who our new principal will be. Mrs. Riggs said that she would miss the kids here. She said that her greatest accomplishment is: “probably working on reading and getting our younger kids a better start. Also the way kids have taken leadership and have become leaders, and the technology. I believe they will learn what we need to know.” If she were not leaving she would have made learning more rigorous. So that the kids are more challenged. Well good luck, we hope their new jobs go well.



The St. Albans City School Raiders softball team is ready to start the new season and the girls are ready to WIN!!!
There very first game was in Sheldon, the girls played an amazing game but they lost. The team was discouraged but there couches Shannon Lamothe and Katie told the girls how proud they were and it was only the first game of the season, there are many more games to come.
They lost the game in Swanton against MVU the pitcher was amazing Sonja through several strikes in the first inning every one on the team screamed when she struck a player out! The catcher Alexandra did a great job. Katie cot pop flies in the bottom of the fifth.
The Raiders Softball players have a game in Georgia, May 6. The girls are really hoping that they win today! The pitcher will be Sonja and possibly Macey Robtoy.

May 7th, The Raiders softball team lost 23-0. It was a horrible loss but the girl’s plaid well.

On May 8 the softball team lost to Fairfield and but the score was close.

On May 9th the softball team lost 7-13 Against MVU. A few players were injured and will be out of the games for a while, but they will still be at every game cheering on their team!
May 12, the softball team has their 1st home game at the local park. They will be playing against MVU.

Raiders Idol

Katie White and Monique Johnson

Raider's Idol is back again! Raider's Idol is a talent show where students from St. Albans City School can show off their stuff.
This event will be held on May 30th, at 7:00 pm. This is the only time the show will be held. The first (mandatory) practice is on May 5th, after school until 4:15. Other practices will be held throughout the month of May.
The rules are as follows:
l You must be in St. Albans City School.
l Must attend some practices to be in the show.
l Act must be 3 minutes or less.
l If singing there must be no background vocals.
l You must have your act approved on the first practice.

Even if you do not want to have an act, this can be very fun and you can still play a part! You can work the lights, or even just make posters and cheer on your friends!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Computer Applications Study Group

At BFA, you are required to have taken a class called Computer Applications in order to graduate. Ms. deLaBruere is offering some of her time to help students study for a typing test that BFA is offering. The group meets every Wednesday during Learning Lab. The test is for students that feel that they already know how to do the things that they do in the Computer Apps class. If you pass the test, you will not have to take part in Computer Applications at BFA. They will automatically record that you have taken the class. It is a great opportunity because if you pass the test, you have a free period! You can take an extra class! If you would like to take part in this study group, please contact Ms. deLaBruere. She will also be able to tell you when the test is.


We think that there should be better or different types of food on our lunch's menu. Instead of a set meal, we could have pancakes, waffles, or pizza. So we would have an alternative meal. For example, if I didn’t like the pizza I could have the pancakes and waffles. Even though there are already 2 different lines, they're normally the same thing. Like, if we have tacos in 1 line, in the other line we'd have nachos.

8th grade end of the year activities

End of the year 8th grade activities

Graduation for 8th graders will be held on the 17th of June. It is at 6:00 PM at St. Albans City School, (SACS). We are celebrating our years at City school. Students will be saying speeches, which they wrote. There will be food for the graduates, and probably a bake sale. The seventh grade band will be playing at the graduation. It will be a day of mixed emotions.
The Eighth graders are going on a trip on June 15. We are going to smugglers notch Water Park. There are rules students have to follow, or they wont be allowed to take part on the field trip. Students can't have any SSC referrals and have any missed work. Eighth graders need to be on their best behavior to partake on the field trip.
There will be an end of the year carnival. The eighth graders will be accompanying a kindergartener for the day. The city school carnival is basically a field day. There will be a lot of games, crafts a cook out/barbeque to wrap up the day.