Friday, April 4, 2008

Learning how to type

So far I have made 3 write ups in my blog. This is my 4th. What I am doing is rating 3 programs that teach you how to type.

Type Faster Typing Tutor: I would give this on a scale of 1-4 a 4. It has a lot of programs. It has a typing one for normal people, one for blind people, and one for spanish speaking people.

Typing Test I would give it a 2. It is only a test to see how fast you type now. It doesn't give you a way to advance in your level of typing.

Tux Typing this is a good program. It is more for kids. It has games. It's mascot is als0 a cute little penguin, So I would give it a 3.

I hope this will help you when buying a typing program
Love Flacogal13

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