Thursday, April 3, 2008

Keyboarding Sites

Many students at our school are working on their keyboarding skills. Learning to type without looking takes lots of practice and their are many programs and websites that can help you do that. We will be adding our opinions or reviews of these products in the comment sections of this post. Feel free to add yours.

We will be reviewing the following programs:

Type Faster

Type Master

Tux Type

and the following websites

Al Bunny's Typing Class
Type the letters and see if the bunny can beat the turtle; free download
Computer Circus
Choose the keys you want to practice
Flash Typing
Attempt to vaporize asteroids (letters) before they hit your space ship; free download
Dance Mat Typing
From BBC; learn and practice keyboarding
Free Typing Games
Lessons and tests
Keyboarding Lessons and Ideas
Information about teaching keyboarding, technique checklist, resourcesClick Introduction to Keyboarding for Elementary School Students for step-by-step lessons.
Keyboarding Practice
Type a letter on the keyboard and watch it light up on the screen
Keyboarding Practice
Basic practice exercises; home row and more
Learn 2 Type
Interactive exercises which help you learn to type
Typer Shark
Typing games; play online or download
Typing ABCs
Practice typing the letters of the alphabet
Typer Spider
Practice typing from letters to words
Typing Pal Online
Online typing practice and exercises site; In "Practice," the game will not let you move on until you type each letter correctly
Typing Tutor
Online game; practice using the home row keys; speed is adjustable

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