Monday, April 7, 2008

At FOSSVT... April 4th

This Friday I went to the Free and Open Source Software Vermont Conference carrying the name "Student Ambassadors For(Free) Open Source". I was ready to give my presentation once 10:45 came. I had prepared my presentation for about two weeks, and I had presented in front of two different groups. I had also sat down and discussed the presentation with my teacher. Our presentation went great, the audience was great, they really pushed it along, and we met a lot of people. One of the people in the organizational committee would like us to podcast for the national conference, but we should probably see how good our audio comes out from the latest one (Recorded with $10 microphones).
I learned a lot about people, and quite a bit about myself. I can easily present things to people. Afterwards, we received so many "Good Job" s and a lot of hand shakes. It was just an overall awesome presentation. Maybe we could integrate some great ideas learned at the conference into the school we go to. This will be interesting. I have some good ideas. Maybe a web server. Maybe some LTSP Edubuntu set ups. This will be very interesting.