Thursday, March 20, 2008


I have the original zune 30. It works really well. I like that it has a radio, so if I don’t feel like listening to my songs I can listen to the radio. I like how you can store pictures on the zune. I like the big screen of the zune. It’s cool that you can connect to other zunes and share songs.
What I don’t like about the zune 30 is that I don’t know if you can download videos from you tube. Sometimes when you are trying to scroll down a list it sticks. It gets scratched if you drop it.

I have the newer zune. It works well. The newer zune has many of the same qualities that the original older version has. You are able to download music, listen to the radio, they have pod casts, and you can download pictures. On the new zune you can also down load music videos. I like the radio on the zune so I can listen to other songs besides the ones that I had already. What I don’t like about my zune is that it comes with songs on it and they are in a different language. I also don’t like that when you download a song you can’t delete it.


St. Albans Student News Team said...

Hey guys,this is MR, i hope you like the Zune page. Do you think me and KL did a good job ? Do you think the Zune is something that you might wont in the future ?

MR and KL <3

St. Albans Student News Team said...

Hey MR!

Shanks for the comment!

Shluv Ya!


St. Albans Student News Team said...

how much does it cost?