Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Trip to Mrs. Williams Kindergarten class

Lets take a trip downstairs to a special class who is taught by a teacher that has been working for about 20 years. Her name is Mrs. Williams. She teaches 18 wonderful kindergarten students. She has a class pet named Daisy-Mae. Daisy-Mae loves vegetables.

Mrs. Williams LOVES RED SOX. She has 3 grandchildren. 2 live in a different country.
She had parent teacher conferences. Most of the people came. Right now they are working on the five senses. They are going to go on a field trip to Hannaford’s and Houdaks farm place.
She also has a student teacher and her name is Miss Stephenie. Miss Stephenie is in the last semester of school graduating from UVM College. She has a dog named turtle.

Thank you for coming on this virtual trip with me hope to see you again soon!

-Cool Cat

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