Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Computer help suggestions

For a while now i have been noticing that our school computers have been running a little slow, i have investigated the problem and found out that School anti virus programs have been taking up way to much memory in the system networks. They make the computers slower and sometimes will mess up the connection between computers and the server.

Since only the computer network administrator in your building can permanently delete the program you should talk to the network keepers on fixing this problem. Tell them to install a low costing anti virus program called avg;Avg is free for singular unit and low costing for a whole business, it has a 50 % discount for schools as well, it will protect your computer and deleting the anti virus program in the computers that take up the most memory will make them run faster.

The rtvscan that is in all 2000 and below windows computers will take up 50 % of the computer hard frame, in result it will run much slower. Even somtimes it can spike up to 100% witch will interupt connection and may make the computer freeze for a few seconds... this can be a real hastle for anyone trying to run diffrent programs or files.


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Linuxguy said...

Dear News Team,
As anti-virus programs rise in price and requirements, it is harder to find ones that will work with the Win98 SE operating system. I found that the free edition is not totally taxing on requirements. AVG says it only needs 32MB and 133MHz processor. What I found to be more interesting is that this free edition supports Linux. At the bottom of the AVG site they seem to support 98SE through August 2008. AVG is not supporting server operating systems. Norton's anti-virus costs $30. Norton seems to be discontinuing support for 98 as their last 98 edition was 2005?, and the requirements can't be found.