Thursday, November 29, 2007

Teacher Of the Year

Mrs. McDonald is a great teacher she has been teaching about 30 years. She is the teacher of the year. She teaches at St. Albans city school. She teaches 1st grade and loves to work here.
She was selected teacher of the year about 2 months ago. Mrs. Lawyer (a 1 grade teacher) said, “I’m trilled that she got the teacher of the year because she is one of the finest teachers in the school and loves children”. When I asked her another question she said to me nicely, “ Probably because she is dedicated to her students and providing them with a wonderful education”.
When I interviewed Mrs. McDonald she said the most wonderful thing about her students, “I believe in my students and dedicate my time, enjoy and knowledge to them. I enjoy watching them learn.”
When she was selected the teacher of the year, her son, Wade, was proud and her daughter ,Marleigh, was excited and all of the students are glad of her.

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