Tuesday, May 13, 2008



The St. Albans City School Raiders softball team is ready to start the new season and the girls are ready to WIN!!!
There very first game was in Sheldon, the girls played an amazing game but they lost. The team was discouraged but there couches Shannon Lamothe and Katie told the girls how proud they were and it was only the first game of the season, there are many more games to come.
They lost the game in Swanton against MVU the pitcher was amazing Sonja through several strikes in the first inning every one on the team screamed when she struck a player out! The catcher Alexandra did a great job. Katie cot pop flies in the bottom of the fifth.
The Raiders Softball players have a game in Georgia, May 6. The girls are really hoping that they win today! The pitcher will be Sonja and possibly Macey Robtoy.

May 7th, The Raiders softball team lost 23-0. It was a horrible loss but the girl’s plaid well.

On May 8 the softball team lost to Fairfield and but the score was close.

On May 9th the softball team lost 7-13 Against MVU. A few players were injured and will be out of the games for a while, but they will still be at every game cheering on their team!
May 12, the softball team has their 1st home game at the local park. They will be playing against MVU.

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St. Albans Student News Team said...

Well it might not have been the best season for us but we still had a great time learnig new things,meeting new people,and just having FUN !

Winning a few games might have helped but it wont change the fact that we are like family !