Tuesday, May 13, 2008

New Faculty

New faculty

We will be getting new faculty here at city school. Our principal Mrs. Riggs and our assistant principal Mrs. Colomb will be leaving our school. Mrs. Colomb will be replaced by Marcie Louis will be taking her place. Marcie Louis was principal at a school in North Carolina. Mrs. Colomb has been a principal here for 15 years. She says it will be hard to leave city school. The things she likes about were she will be going is that its closer to her home and she will get to be a principal. The assistant principal we will be getting is a lot like Mrs. Colomb. She doesn’t think it will disrupt the school.

Mrs. Riggs will also be leaving our school. At this point we are unaware of who our new principal will be. Mrs. Riggs said that she would miss the kids here. She said that her greatest accomplishment is: “probably working on reading and getting our younger kids a better start. Also the way kids have taken leadership and have become leaders, and the technology. I believe they will learn what we need to know.” If she were not leaving she would have made learning more rigorous. So that the kids are more challenged. Well good luck, we hope their new jobs go well.


St. Albans Student News Team said...

So sad that they're leaving.........

St. Albans Student News Team said...

Im going to miss some of them...not all but some !