Thursday, December 6, 2007

Introducing a new raiders reporters

This is i will be reporting on 5th grade.

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Introducing New Raiders Reporters

This is Linuxguy and I am a reporter for the second trimester at St. Albans City School. I am a reporter for the third grade, and I will also discuss topics about digital equity and the situation with technology and computers at St. Albans City School.

Introducing new Raiders reporters

This is Lea 333 and Im a producer for the second trimester at ST.Albans City School. I plan on bringing news to the 2nd grade about educational games.I will be looking ateducational games we can use in school.

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Introducing New Raiders Producers

I'm llamagirl, I'm a new producer for the Raider's news and I'll be telling you about Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grade for the second trimester. I will also tell you about music (7/8 (Sr.) Band).

introducing knew raiders reportors

This is Peter. I'm a new raider reporter. I will be reporting on. I'm reporting on our schools sports.

Introducing new raiders reporters

I am Basketball Queen And I will be talking about the 1st grade for the second trimester. I will also be talking about sports too.

Introducing New Raiders Reporters

This is GlossGirl38 and I'll be reporting to you about kindergarten for the 2nd trimester. I will also be giving you updates on our drama production and our 7/8 chorus.

introducing new raiders producers

Hi! This is good bread i am a producer in the second trimester. I'm in charge of grades 3,4,5 my reporters are 5Th grade, Linux guy 3Th grade, Dre hockey 11 4Th grade. i will take up any report not finished or not assigned.

introducing new raiders reporters

hi peeps,

i am drehockey11 a new reporter i am looking for fun educational games,
plus i am reporting new news about 4th grade.

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