Tuesday, October 30, 2007

steerlers football championships

Last Saturday the Steeler football team won the playoffs against South Burlington 12-0The Steelers are now advancing to the championship game for the third year in a row; the team will be playing Essex but the field to play on has not been announced as of right now.If they do win, it will be the first time for twenty years that the Steelers take the trophy

Penny War Extravaganza

Penny war it is finally here. Who is going to win is the BIG question that is going through everyones mind. For those of you who do not know what the penny war is about we had an assembly on 10-29-07 to find out about it. We are doing a penny war to raise money for a new playground. To do this, bring pennies in to earn points for your homeroom.

Postitive Points

Pennies= +1 points

Sacajawea dollar coins= +150 points

and to sabotage other homerooms you can make them have

Negative Points

$5.00 bill= -500 points

$1.00 bill= -100 points

quarters= -25 points

dimes= -10 points

nickels= -5 points

So bring in those pennies and let the best homeroom win!


Wednesday, October 24, 2007

8th grade social studies

The 8th grade social studies class is going fine…there is none or just a little homework. The movie we are watching now is called April morning, A story of the beginning of the American Revolution. There will be a unit test on these few coming days so the students have begun preparing.

Dude man

Monday, October 22, 2007

The Marine Band Assembly

The Marine Band Assembly

The marine band assembly was here last week. Again we thank them. They had a trio of clarinets. Many of them spoke of interesting things. We heard three different kinds of flutes and different trumpets sounds. So thank you for joining the assembly and we hope you enjoyed it.

Friday, October 12, 2007


Hi! i'm the reporter for grade 5 though 6 in st.alban vermont city school.

introducing kit-katkayleigh

I am a reporter for 3-4 kids and also I will be a special topic reporter

Introducing Cat Woman

I'm a reporter for k-2 with a partner Cool Cat for the year. We will report the whole year about k-2.
Cat Woman


hi my name is ashley im the reporter for the 3rd and 4th i will be asking questions like how is your school years.

Introducing cool cat

I'm the reporter for kindergarden through second ade with cat woman. We will interview them about how the year is going to go. This year is going to be fun.
-cool cat

Introducing Icepups

Hi I am a student news reporter for fifth and sixth grade.

introducing dude man

I'm the sports reporter for st.albans city school and the editor for grades seven and eight
Dude Man

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Keyboarding Video

Warp Speed - Keyboarding

From: techsavvygirl, 1 day ago

Created to help elementary teachers with keyboarding instructions.

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Introducing the Student News Team

Our student news team will be bringing you news from St. Albans City School.
Let's meet them and welcome them.